Surfacecom Inc


Southern Ontario’s commercial flooring contractor.

Specializing in large commercial jobs, Surfacecom Inc has been in business since 2003. With a portfolio ranging from VCT, to plush residential carpets, and everything in between – the staff at Surfacecom have the knowhow and skills to provide high quality flooring for less. Using the latest technologies, Surfacecom’s estimating time is far shorter than any competition and as accurate as humanly possible.


Surfacecom has been providing southern Ontario with commercial flooring services for 9 years. With guaranteed work, certified installers, and the best materials our finished product will be guaranteed to please even the highest standards.


Our pricing team uses cutting edge technology to both accurately and quickly price projects. As a result of our phenomenal quotation service, we are consistently the best choice for every project we encounter.


Directed by Fernando Melo, SurfaceCom Inc has a history filled with greatness. Flooring has been a life-long endeavor for mr. Melo, and his intimate knowledge of the trade is apparent.